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Welcome to the News Section
Here are the latest News on Srilankan Airlines
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Jet rage of X-Files star Gill


X-FILES star Gillian Anderson pulled off a man’s headphones on a plane and launched into an X-rated rant at him.

The actress — Scully in the TV series — turned on the man next to her claiming he was not looking after his child.

Witness Simon Jones watched the incident in the business class section of a SriLankan Airlines flight from Colombo to London.

He insisted that teetotal Anderson, 37, had drunk six glasses of red wine and said: “She was aggressive and slurring.”

He claimed she turned on the man after his wife — who was playing with their son — refused to chat with her.

Mr Jones said: “Gillian reached over, pulled the headphones off his head and was effing and blinding at him.”

SriLankan Airlines said: “The crew spoke to Miss Anderson and she was given another seat.”


SriLankan Airlines has launched a new mobile phone service that enables its passengers to check real-time flight details.

This latest SriLankan service allows anyone with a GPRS-enabled mobile phone to obtain information and schedules of current and future SriLankan flights simply by accessing the site “”.

The system, connected to the SriLankan Flight Operations Control tracking system “FleetWatch”, provides up-to-date information such as flight number, departure and arrival time, destination details, aircraft type, flight schedule over the next two days etc.

The system will also soon include flight information of other airlines operated through Sri Lanka’s Bandaranaike International Airport.

Kamal Nanayakkara, Head of IT at SriLankan Airlines, said, “With this new system, you no longer have to call up the airport to check the flight arrival or departure information, or wait long hours for a phone call to check the actual arrival at the destination is on time. Neither do you have to go to a ticket office or travel agents to get the flight schedule to make your travel plan from anywhere.”

Apart from SriLankan’s international flight information, the system also provides information on SriLankan Air Taxi - the domestic arm of SriLankan which flies to 15 destinations in Sri Lanka.

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